Buenos Aires, Argentina
may of 2o14

During the CRL's Year 4 (May 2013 - May 2014), this initiative has added the following projects to it's portfolio:

  • MVEL Minimal Visual Elements Library

And during this contribution to the software industry and the programming community the Code Research Laboratories...

  • got visited by 7000 unique visitors in the 4th Year

This year I want to thank the following individuals for suggestions, interest, ideas, encouraging words and/or events invitations:

  • Ulf Dittmer
  • Dr. Wolfgang Beer
    -- brief: from SmartLab.at
  • Sivakumar Shiva
  • Brajabasi Padhy
  • Anuj Agarwal
    -- brief: Founder of Feedspot.com
  • Lleywn Blair
  • Tony Maro
    -- brief: from OSSRamblings.com
  • Vadim Schenev
  • Jan Moller
    -- brief: from Mycelium
  • Shankar Bhumkar
  • Barry Loh
  • Rubin Basha
    -- brief: from ENG Group
  • Jens Oeste
  • Darko Zelj
  • Asghar Mahmoodi
  • Dr. Mario Berazategui
    -- brief: Gerente de Producto of MedApps
  • Rowan Harris
    -- brief: from Stara
  • Jochen Kroemer
    -- brief: from Softceed.de
  • Wade Morris
  • Asish Ghosh
  • Volodymyr Levchenko
  • Fabian Kohlmann

and the following associations from which I am part of and constantly learn:

Thank you all again for your support and generosity in helping CRL reach it's goals during this third year.


Javier Santo Domingo
Code Research Laboratories