Buenos Aires, Argentina
may of 2o12

During the CRL's Year 2 (May 2011 - May 2012), this initiative has added the following projects to it's portfolio:

  • BPW Blackberry PDF Writer
  • OPW4SHPLIB Object Pascal Wrapper for Shapefile C Library
  • NJSA Node.JS Addonis
  • RJL Raw JSON Library

And during this contribution to the software industry and the programming community the Code Research Laboratories...

  • visited by 6450 unique visitors in the 1st Year
  • created first and unique library to write PDF documents on RIM's Blackberry devices enabling new offimatic horizons BPW
  • helped Node.JS platform developers to create Windows addons BNWCA, NJSA
  • created first and unique low-level library for JSON generation, currently the fastest for JAVA RJL
  • received more software license donations from many companies of the industry

The following companies which donated software licences that are used to construct the CRL software:

the following individuals for suggestions, interest, ideas and/or encouraging words:

  • Mark Daggett
    -- brief: CEO at Humansized Inc. (http://humansized.com) & Pledgie co-creator for: http://twitter.com/#!/heavysixer/status/91237913991446528
  • Howard Shaw
    -- brief: from GBC Systems, Inc. (http://gbcsystems.com)
  • Nuno Ferreira
    -- brief: for contributing code to achieve the XObject images support for APW
  • Blair Colson
  • Reza Assareh
    -- brief: Business Development Manager at Screen Interaction AB (http://screeninteraction.com) developing "Reseräkning" product for the swedish Android Market, using APW
  • Alessandro Valbonesi
    -- brief: from Algos Software (http://www.algos.it) developing "eStudio" product for the italian Android Market, using APW
  • Giuseppe Castelli
  • Hugo Mallet
  • Luis Felipe Marin
  • Mark Heilpern
  • Sarah Palser
    -- brief: from the University of Cape Town developing a tool for use by south african micro entrepreneurs, using APW
  • Joseph Fernandez
    -- brief: from TEKSystems
  • Dina Randriantsizafy
    -- brief: from the Madagascar-INSTN (Insitut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires) developing "MobiRad" midlet, a radioactive activities related tool, using MP
  • Willem Vermeer
    -- brief: from Peecho Tech
  • John Wiebe
  • Bert Belder
    -- brief: NodeJS core developer, for: http://twitter.com/#!/piscisaureus/status/125576791808155648
  • Akihiro Asahara
    -- brief: COO at Fixstars Solutions, Inc. (http://fixstars.com)
  • Sony Antony
  • Tomas Verhelst
    -- brief: from RootSoft, LLC. (http://www.rootsoftllc.com), for creating a APW wrapper library for Basic4Android: http://www.basic4ppc.com/forum/additional-libraries-official-updates/12840-pdfwriter.html
  • Michael Whetmore
  • Georg Bauer
  • Ron Yust
  • Lars Bin
  • Sarah West
  • Ed Loeffler
  • Alexander Naberezhnov
  • Jagat Mahapatra
  • Matt Moskal
  • Mike Hibbert

the following associations from which I am part of and constantly learn:

Thank you all again for your support and generosity in helping CRL reach it's goals during this second year.


Javier Santo Domingo
Code Research Laboratories