Buenos Aires, Argentina
may of 2o11

By today, May 14th, a new year begins for this initiative after achieving very interesting results along it's first year of existence.
Those results are really satisfying and I want to share some of them with you.

During the CRL's Year 1 (May 2010 - May 2011), this initiative has grown up to containing 10 projects:

  • MPC MIDletPascal 3.x Compiler
  • MP3IDE MIDletPascal 3.x IDE
  • TABITHA Tabitha
  • SIT Stylish IDE Toolkit
  • TUI TurboUI
  • SA4SPTBX Some Addons for SpTBXLib
  • RXL Raw XML Library
  • SSESL SSE Scan Library
  • APW Android PDF Writer

And during this contribution to the software industry and the programming community the Code Research Laboratories...

  • scored 81 releases in the 1st Year, 70 of them in the first 6 months
  • visited by 3000 unique visitors in the 1st Year
  • created first and unique low level library in the 3 main software platforms around the globe enhancing server-side xml generation speed RXL
  • created first and unique library enabling scan algorithms to take advantage of the SSE capabilities of the world's most common PC CPUs SSESL
  • created first and unique library to write PDF documents on Google's Android devices enabling new offimatic horizons APW
  • created first and unique IDE for the low level languages of the most popular virtual machines MIDIDE
  • by taking over an abandoned commercial pascal compiler for J2ME project MP:
  • -- revitalized a death community of programmers, now near 1500 individuals, 12 times bigger than 2 years ago
    -- positioned it as the most rated cross-compiler in sourceforge.net
  • received software license donations from many companies of the industry

As you can see it's a lot what has been done, and belive me I really enjoyed it. So, in this special occasion I want to thank everyone that helped CRL in one or other way during this year that has been pretty challenging, that's why an Open Letter to say thanks to everyone who helped me makes sense more than ever. And those thanks go to...

the following companies which donated software licences that are used to construct the CRL software:

the following individuals for suggestions, interest, ideas and/or encouraging words:

  • Luke Wroblewski
    -- brief: Chief Product Officer at Bagcheck, ex Chief Design Architect -VP- at Yahoo!, etc
  • Sebastián Enrique
    -- brief: Software Engineer & Game Designer at EA Sports, etc
  • Niksa Orlic
    -- brief: CEO at Geolux, Software Engineer at Mireo, etc
  • Egbert van Nes
    -- brief: Assistant Professor at Wageningen University, etc
  • Jon
    -- brief: Gigaram Technologies
  • Robert Lee
    -- brief: Silverpoint Development
  • Roy Magne Klever
  • Wang Lelong
  • Steve Wallace

the following associations from which I am part of and constantly learn:

Thank you all again for your support and generosity in helping CRL reach it's goals during this first year.


Javier Santo Domingo
Code Research Laboratories