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IDEs & relatedIDEs, editors, etc

MIDletPascal 3.x IDE
win32delphi midletpascal bsd
win32delphi freepascal bsd
win32delphi bsd
*freepascal bsd

Compilers & relatedcompilers, translators, etc

MIDletPascal 3.x Compiler
win32c j2memidletpascal gpl takeover

Addons & relatedaddons, plugins, wrappers, etc

Some Addons for SpTBXLib
win32delphi sptbxlib ui mit
Object Pascal Wrapper for Shape C Library
*object pascal shplib gis mit
NodeJS Addonis
*c/c++ node.js mit
Client-side Renderer for Jade
webjavascript jade jquery ui mit

Libraries & relatedlibraries, toolkits, classes, etc

win32delphi ui mit
Android PDF Writer
androidjava pdf bsd
Android Layout Navigator
androidjava layouts bsd
Raw XML Library
win32-lin32fasm net-monocil javajasmin xml bsd
Raw JSON Library
win32-lin32fasm net-monocil javajasmin xml bsd
Stylish IDE Toolkit
win32delphi ide bsd
SSE Scan Library
win32-lin32fasm sse bsd
BlackBerry PDF Writer
blackberryjava pdf bsd
Minimal Visual Elements Library
webjavascript jquery-ui ui mit

Articles & relatedarticles, papers, etc

Infinite loop syntax support for a Pascal-family language
languages pascal
Building Node.js Windows C/C++ Addons
node.js addons c/c++